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Statement regarding COVID-19 pandemic response and Shift Hui

Prepared by Jean Sergent-Shadbolt, March 16 2020

Kia ora

This is a statement regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and InsideOUT’s annual Shift Hui.

The advice from the World Health Organisation and New Zealand’s Ministry of Health is that prevention, delay, and containment of COVID-19 is the top priority.

Staff and volunteers at InsideOUT are keeping a close eye on the development of policy regarding COVID-19. We are keenly aware of our duty of care towards rangatahi that we work with, our volunteers, and communities we come into contact with.

Shift Hui is still planning to go ahead, at this stage. The dates are 17-20 April. InsideOUT staff are being optimistic that the delay and containment measures taken in Aotearoa will lead to a safe environment to hold Shift Hui. We will have a risk management plan in place to manage any risks at the hui, and will continue to follow public health advice. 

However, we will not go ahead if it is not safe to do so.

Our advice for young people who are planning to attend Shift Hui this year, and their families, is to plan for the best with caution. 

We recommend:

  • Booking fully refundable travel
  • Self-isolate where possible
  • If you are fundraising, let people know you plan to use the money for the hui next year if 2020 is cancelled, or that you will donate or return the funds
  • Get the flu vaccine when it becomes available at your school, university, or workplace; or through your doctor or pharmacy. The flu vaccine does not protect you against COVID-19 but it will protect you from influenza, which could make you more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Because plans could change at any point, keeping an attitude of optimistic flexibility is key – that’s certainly what we’re doing at InsideOUT!

If Shift Hui goes ahead, young people and volunteers who are ill in the week before the hui must stay home.

Shift Hui takes place on a marae, and it is important that we as manuhiri to the marae don’t bring any illness onto the whenua.

We will update our information and our decisions regarding Shift when there are any significant changes.If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact

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